Chief Cornerstone Church is committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to all Nations who choose this faith for their spiritual teaching and growth.

Who we are...

At Chief Cornerstone Church prayer is a vital tool to all our ministries, we hold prayer night on Fridays at 8:00 p.m.. Our purpose is to equip the saint to learn how to pray and intercede.

Our Prayer Meetings are informal, consisting of an opening prayer, a teaching Prayer from the Word of God, and private prayer time at the altar. Our Prayer Team is always available for those that come in with specific needs.

Here at Chief Cornerstone Church, we have come to an understanding of the importance of Prayer. We are in the process of establishing the foundation of prayer within our congregation.

  • We have learned that Prayer before a service is vital to the success of reaching souls and touching the hearts of those that may come to a service.
  • We have learned that making Prayer time one hour prior to the service produces results in the heavenlies and miracles take place in the physical.
  • Prayer affects three different spheres of existence, the divine, the angelic, and the human. It puts God to work, it puts angels to work, and it puts men to work. It lays it hands upon God, angels and men.
  • Our Prayers have influenced God and have put Him to work. The results have been incredible, including physical healing and deliverance.
  • We believe that prayer changes things.



"Since I have been saved I have a sense of peace. I no longer feel empty; I no longer search for things that are meaningless. God's Love has restored all meaning of life for me and I want to share that love to everyone!" - J. Ricker

"My healing started with restoration from bitterness and unforgiveness. My greatest testimony is that I have been reconciled back to God!" - A. Bourassa

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